Keeping up With a Virtual Schedule

A lot has happened in the past month and with that came a whirlwind of changes, but now is the time to stay on track despite the many curveballs that have been thrown at us. With everything going on in the world right now, it is best to not slip off your normal routine. Routines and schedules are what make the world go round and without them, we have no structure. Yes, sometimes it’s okay to have those days where you do not follow your normal day-to-day activities, but structure is something that holds us together and gives us a sense of purpose.


Although the rest of the school year is not what we ideally were expecting, the learning must continue and the show must go on. Since the spread of COVID-19 continues to worsen, most public schools have switched to remote learning for the rest of the school year as well as colleges and universities. Now, this is where it gets tricky, remote learning means virtual educational classes and assignments. The trickier part is self-discipline. Although our normal daily lives have become completely unnormal, it is important to stick to our everyday routines for the sake of our mental health and futures.


While this may seem almost impossible, it is easily achievable. Thankfully, with today’s technology, virtual learning is possible. With this, we can continue our everyday tasks from the comfort of our own home especially when quarantine is critical right now. Self-discipline is one of the most important traits to possess during this time as well as motivation. Being at home, it’s easy to want to slip off and watch movies all day, but this virus cannot put life on a complete hold.


Keeping your students engaged and on track with their virtual learning is not as hard as you think. A set schedule along with a stimulating learning environment will keep your student focused and more inclined to learn. However, taking breaks in between is crucial to keep the mind and body active. These breaks whether it be a small workout activity, game or healthy snack can be incremented in between classes so your student does not become so drained when learning online all day. Another suggestion is to have them carry out their usual daily school day tasks like getting dressed for the day, eating a nutritious breakfast, some sort of socializing, writing in their planner, staying concentrated and then continuing their normal after-school activities such as playing outside while practicing social distancing or video games. Maintaining this normal routine while implementing new ways to stay focused and learning will make life seem a little less upside down, but remember to stay flexible as things can always change.


Without an engaging learning experience and environment, students will suffer. It is important for these virtual educational classes to function almost like an in-person class time. Virtual class meetings, live chats, and tutorials give students the feel of personal interaction, something that is very much needed in times like these. Also, the implementation of independent learning is a good strategy to introduce to students now so they are more used to it as time goes on and eventually entering higher education. 


Keeping your student on a semi-structured schedule when learning virtually during this global pandemic does not have to be difficult. With these suggestions and adapting to your student’s learning style, education from home can be easy and quite fun. Most importantly, remember to practice social distancing and stay healthy.