The Importance of Virtual Volunteering

With schools all over the country closing for the time being due to the global pandemic, almost everything has become virtual. Students have started to transition into the world of online learning and lots of change is coming. Change brings adaptation and new ways of going about our daily lives. The transition from being in school physically with teachers for years to the dramatic shift to virtual education is a huge adjustment for students. Virtually learning takes away so many factors that go into a child’s educational experience.

Communities In Schools of Jacksonville is committed to caring for our students and families in every way during this uncertain time. With the help of several community partners and those who are ready to assist people in need, CIS has introduced virtual volunteering. Through virtual volunteering, you have the opportunity to make an impact from wherever you are. Even though volunteering must be virtual at this time, it does not mean it is any less important than it was before. There is no better time than now to help students in need, volunteering your services gives students the necessary extra motivation especially when their lives have just been flipped upside down. There are many ways you can become involved as a CIS volunteer to help students all over the Jacksonville area as they are struggling to acclimatize to their new learning methods and schedules.

An easy way to provide students with your volunteer assistance is by reading a book to our students virtually. If you are wanting to become involved this is the perfect way to help students in need. You can help build literacy and engagement by picking up a children’s book and recording yourself reading, here are some examples of what your video should look like.

Another way you can contribute as a volunteer to students is to inspire a student as a “guest speaker.” Sharing the story of your career endeavors such as where you work, what you do, what it’s like and how students can achieve the same success is a great way to keep them motivated and excited for their future during this time. Offering valuable insights is an essential part of a student’s future academic and career success. Watch an example video here.

Unfortunately, the cancellation of school until further notice also came with the obvious cancellation or postponement of graduation ceremonies. Many graduates are feeling discouraged as they do not get to celebrate their many accomplishments as a huge milestone has been taken away. They have worked incredibly hard and surpassed countless obstacles to earn this achievement, so we want to show them how proud we are of them. You can use an editable document CIS created located on the “Virtual Volunteering” tab to add your sentiments of congratulations and encouragement or you can send an email to volunteer@cisjax.org and we’ll create a card with your words for you.

As you can see, the community needs all the help and volunteer assistance we can get right now during this crazy time. Communities In Schools is dedicated to helping kids stay in school and succeed in life, with the help of our community and volunteers we can sustain our mission.