Communities In Schools of Jacksonville is committed to caring for our students in every way we can during this uncertain time. We work alongside several community partners who are ready to help those in immediate need of services. If your family is struggling with difficulties due to COVID-19, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the agencies listed here.


As schools in our area close to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, we remain ready to serve students and families, and we would love your help! There’s no better time to step up to serve our students – and it’s incredibly easy to do so. Whether you’ve volunteered with CIS before or are inspired to get involved for the first time, we encourage you to become a virtual volunteer for one or more of our new initiatives. Your efforts to help from home will not only help local at-risk kids immediately, but will outlive this outbreak and serve as a special resource for students far in the future. Learn more below.

Book Reading

Help build literacy and engagement with reading by picking up a children’s book. Read to the camera as if you’re reading to a child in the classroom. Sit and face the camera as you introduce the book, share the author, and read page by page. Check out the video playlist below to see examples and access virtual book readings that will help build literacy skills at home.

Guest Speakers

Inspire a student by sharing insight on where you work, what you do, what it’s like and how students can achieve the same success. Answer these questions: What do you do for a living? What made you choose this career? What advice do you have for students who want a career like yours? Check out this playlist where we’ll be compiling guest speakers to give students valuable insight into various career options.

Encouragement e-Cards

As students adjust to new systems of learning, many are understandably anxious about what the school year will bring. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the classroom may not be what we pictured – but your words of encouragement can help students keep their heads held high as they brave a school year that is different in many ways. Send your messages of support and encouragement to local students by editing the e-card on our website. Then, send it back to us at volunteer@cisjax.org. You can also simply send your desired message to our email as well, and we’ll create a card for you with your words included.

Thank you for your support as we work to help our students from home!


Please follow our submission guidelines:

  1. Record your video in landscape mode (set up your phone horizontally).
  2. Make sure there is no music playing in the background or added to your video (so that copyright law doesn’t remove it from YouTube).
  3. Keep your video under 15 minutes long if possible.
  4. Include the hashtag #CISJaxVirtualVolunteer in your video title so we can easily find and use your video!
  5. Send us your video using one of these methods:
    • Upload your video publicly on YouTube (preferred)
    • Upload your video on Instagram
    • Direct message us your video on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
    • Text us your video at (904) 993-5479
  6. We’ll find your video and add it to our YouTube playlist for parents and teachers to access. See bottom of page for information on permissions.*

If you have any questions about submission or need help getting your video to us, please contact volunteer@cisjax.org.


Let our community know that you’re doing your part to help local kids as they learn from home. Save and post the graphic below to your Instagram story or social media platform to let your friends and family know about virtual volunteering with CIS.


Besides #CISJaxVirtualVolunteer, there are other important ways you can help us sustain our mission of helping kids stay in school and succeed in life. We are always grateful for donations – which will go even further as we help families during the pandemic.

We also encourage you to stay up to date with us by signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media.

*By submitting your video with the hashtag “#CISJaxVirtualVolunteer” you give Communities In Schools of Jacksonville permission to share, repost and download your video to be used for this initiative and other virtual initiatives that may benefit from your content. This is in line with public posting permissions on both Instagram and YouTube.