October is National Computer Learning Month

Technologies in education and in general are continuously growing and changing.  Students now have opportunities with technology that they may not have had even a few years ago.

National Computer Learning Month supports the use of computers in all creative and productive educational areas.  The campaign also focuses on those students that may not have technology opportunities outside of school.

Since the first National Computer Learning Month, those involved have stressed it is not about mastering technology or creating “whiz kids”, but by helping students develop critical-thinking abilities, academic skills, and creativity.

In the world today, almost everyone is using computers in one way or another.  With computers, students are opened to a wide new world of possibilities.  Computers and the Internet help students explore their creativity and imagination.  Because of new applications on computers, students can create things they could’ve only dreamed of before.  Computers offer students the chance to learn what’s outside the classroom.  Computers create global classrooms, which provide students with the ability to explore information that may not be provided in the classroom or that they are still curious about.  The Internet creates a wide scope of areas students can explore and learn from.

Computer learning also provides students with valuable tools and experiences that will be used in future careers.  Bright Hub Education describes how typing and using a word processing application helps students learn skills they will need in college and the workplace.  They also go on to highlight how computers create collaboration between students and teachers, and how those who enjoy computers or know a lot about them often come into leadership roles to help others who may be less skilled.

Computers technology will continue to grow and be used in the world, but the students will also grow to become the future.  National Computer Learning Month reinforces the idea to teach the important skills and ideas learned from computers to students.  Fostering these students’ creativity, helping them develop their skills, and preparing them for their future is key to their success.

Duval County Public Schools works tirelessly to make sure students are given the best opportunities in learning and in technology development through computer programs and events.  Even local businesses are contributing to computer learning for students; Comcast donated free laptops to 8th grade middle school students to support digital literacy.

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