After-School Enrichment and Why It’s Important

After-school programs are a key ingredient to a healthy and vibrant community. Children are the leaders of the future, so it’s critical to invest in their physical and emotional health and well-being.

After-school programs offer a wide variety of benefits and life lessons to participating students. Children will have a safe place to go after school and will also be surrounded by a circle of supportive friends and mentors. Here are a few of the most obvious benefits of these turnkey programs:

Prevention of Risky Behaviors
One of the most obvious benefits is the prevention of risky behavior. The few unsupervised hours after school are peak times for risky behavior such as juvenile crime, drug and alcohol abuse or unprotected sexual activity. These programs offer students a positive and social haven where they’ll engage in more productive activities.

Social and Emotional Development
Children in these programs will learn how to interact with their peers as well as adults in their community. They’ll learn ways to manage their emotions, communicate their thoughts and ideas, and process ways to handle conflict. They’ll also have opportunities for mentorship where they will have a reliable adult who can help them work through challenging situations.

Academic Improvement
These programs also contribute to dropout prevention and improved academics. Many of the programs will offer tutoring services and assistance with school work. Participating students will learn the importance of education and will be offered opportunities to learn about college, scholarships, and financial aid. They’ll again have the opportunity for mentorship as they navigate their journey through academics. They’ll also learn how to set goals and manage their time in a way that will benefit their overall academic progression.

Leadership Development
Learned student leadership is another great benefit of these programs. Children will receive assistance developing their leadership style and will be encouraged to exercise student leadership through various program activities and initiatives. Students will have the chance to enhance their resumes and will gain the confidence to exercise leadership in other areas of their lives.

Health and Wellness
After-school programs also offer the opportunity to stay active and learn healthy habits. Many programs will offer sports-related activities that will keep kids moving and will teach them the hazards of a sedentary lifestyle. Guest speakers and programs will also cover topics like nutrition, self-esteem, sexual health, and stress management. Students will engage in an overall wellness package and will learn lessons and habits that can last a lifetime.

These are just a few of the many benefits offered by these amazing programs. Duval County offers a great after-school program. Communities In Schools of Jacksonville works to connect youth in Duval County to caring adults in the community. If you are looking to volunteer or make a difference in life of a young person, visit our site to learn how you can become a mentor or donate to CIS of Jacksonville.