Letters from Principal:
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Lynn and Communities In Schools of Jacksonville for placing such wonderful, committed individuals at my school. I am so appreciative for having such “gifts” spread throughout my campus on a daily basis. As the Instructional Leader at Reynolds Lane Elementary, meaningful learning experiences are at the heart of our mission. The AmeriCorps Volunteers have and always will make a positive, lasting impact in the lives of so many of our children, because they, too, believe in the mission and vision of this school. In knowing that they believe why we exist and what we desire to become, I do feel that student achievement will increase, and our children will be equipped with the tools necessary to be successful in this global economy in which we live.”
Todd R. Simpson, Principal, Reynolds Lane Elementary School

Hello, greetings from Hogan-Spring Glen Elementary.
As mentioned on Friday at our AmeriCorps meeting, several of our students made awesome strides since the beginning of the year. Jaquan Hill improved from a 40% to a 69% on the recent Fair testing. Nadia Branch improved from a 52% to an 84%. Joseph Polson improved from a 64% to a 74%. Needless to say we were thrilled these scores are indicating that these students will prove successful on their upcoming FCAT test.
Regards, AmeriCorps Tutor – Joan Walden
Joan Walden is an outstanding first year tutor serving 4th graders at Hogan Spring Glen elementary